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Long Term Care Insurance is one of the fastest growing markets in our industry.

Agency Services, Inc. offers multiple carriers to fit your clients’ needs. We have LTC specialists on staff available to assist you in point of sale work (in certain geographic areas).  We offer a complete portfolio of consumer brochures, taxation guides and marketing literature to help boost your sales.  We have the ability to run comparison proposals illustrating your competition.

LTC Worksite Program
“Worksite Marketing” has become the #1 activity in selling individual long-term care policies.  “Worksite” marketing is a daytime activity offering long-term care individual policies through employer-employee fringe benefit insurance programs.

Employers can add long-term care benefits to their employee fringe benefits. There are multiple options that an employer may choose to offer LTC benefits to employees that allows them to receive discounted premiums, such as Guaranteed Issue Employer Paid Programs, Voluntary Paid Programs and Executive Carve Outs.

LTC insurance can be offered to relatives of employees including but not limited to spouses, parents and grandparents.

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