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Myra Palmer

Sometimes, it’s hard to accurately describe just how well a meeting went, or how much you enjoyed a certain aspect of a presentation or a speech.

Two weeks ago, ASI hosted our annual Sales Symposium here in Memphis. One of two keynote presentations was from my very good friend and peer, Myra Palmer from Atlanta, GA.

Myra’s family has owned The Palmer Agency for more than 40 years. I knew so much about Myra’s story of love and loss because of our longtime friendship and our joint membership in our industry study group, and I wanted others to hear her powerful message. So, I asked her to come and share her very personal and emotional story that she has lived for the past 6 years or so.

Myra has overcome a series of events that began with the sudden death of her younger brother and business partner, Alan, due to heart problems at age 39. Faced with this loss, she then watched her aging parents go through years of long-term care needs.  As she dealt with the death of both parents, her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and ultimately lost his battle as well.  All within a 6-8 year period.

My wife, Beth, and I watched and tried to help Myra through all of this loss and sorrow. I have attended too many funerals for the Palmer family.  I knew Myra was strong….but, candidly, I was overwhelmed by her resilience, strength and courage.  I knew intellectually, but WOW, did I see it laid bare when she shared her powerful and gripping story with our audience!  To say that the people in attendance were spellbound and overwhelmed is a huge understatement.

Myra’s story of love and loss and the many lessons she learned about succession planning, LTC needs, estate equalization and family business have been enough to keep our advisors busy thinking for weeks. Her final story about her husband Dave’s life insurance providing her security and peace of mind was the crowning summation to a riveting example of what insurance DOES…not what IT IS.

Almost every day since I’ve had a comment from someone who heard Myra tell her story a few weeks ago. What that confirms to me is that we all (yes, even those of us in our industry) need that periodic reminder that life insurance has that magical ability to provide—like no other product—the liquidity, dignity and promise of assurance which surviving business partners, families and spouses need at the time of their deepest losses.

Call any of us at ASI if you would like to know more about how we can help you help your clients so that you can rest easy knowing your clients are prepared for the unimaginable.