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I’ve watched with respect and amazement how people all over the world have reacted to the death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Sure, he was an innovator and the products that Apple sells certainly contribute to an easier and more enjoyable way of life for many people. I’m even typing this blog post on my IPad. Steve Jobs was worth billions, so his family is certainly financially secure.

However, he was just a man.

Reminds me of how people reacted when Elvis Presley died. Here in my hometown of Memphis, folks come from all over the world each year to celebrate the anniversary of Elvis’ death. We call that week “Dead Elvis Week.” I’ve gotta wonder if Apple fans will do the same on the anniversary of Mr. Jobs passing.

Famous and influential people have that effect on others.

However, the real question is: How will YOU will be remembered by your family and friends? Sure, things like memories, caring friends, and confidence your family has in how faith assured your eternal well being are all important and will likely help ease the emotional trauma your family will feel when you, like Steve Jobs, are no longer with us.

Most mere mortals that I know do not have the financial wealth that Steve Jobs had…so how we plan for the “financial after life” our family will have is absolutely essential.

Life insurance serves that purpose better than any other product I know of. I know, I know…you are thinking “life insurance?”

Don’t think about what life insurance is…think about what it does:

Life Insurance funds the future, allows dreams to continue, keeps families in homes and schools, replaces lost income, provides peace of mind, allows time to adjust, and, if I can bluntly claim, even creates your financial legacy.

Legacies last forever…will yours be one of comfort, ease and financial security for your family…or will others be able to tell of your lack of planning by the changes your family might be forced to make because all they have is nice memories and caring friends and neighbors, but no financial ability to maintain their way of life? Is that what your family would want? Is that what you feel they need?

Call your financial advisor today if you want to know how to use life insurance to fund your financial legacy.