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Impaired Risk

Impaired Risk Underwriting Is Alive and Well!

Thought good, placeable offers were no longer available because the aggressive carriers have stopped taking new business? Wrong! Check out these recent offerings:

Diabetics with good control – possible Standard!

Heart Bypass with good cardiac follow-up – possible standard!

Chewers and snuff users – Standard Plus Non-Tobacco!

Elevated AST, ALT & GGT’s on labs – Possible Standard to Table 2!

Prostate Cancer – Standard in many cases after just one year!

•Possible Preferred Best Non Tobacco for military personnel headed to Iraq or Afghanistan with no war exclusion!

Impaired Risk Disability Income coverage available. We could have a home for your DI cases that have been declined elsewhere!

We have many decades in the business of writing and placing substandard cases, and we can help you. We also have contract underwriters and a medical director to help review and package your harder and larger cases.

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