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I’m proud to announce the publication of a sales tool for our agents and advisors.

Last week at our Sales Symposium, every attendee was given a free copy of a short 50 page booklet I have written & published: 10 Sales Concepts to Relish, Remember & Repeat – Using Life Insurance to Provide Security to your clients while Securing your Relationship with them.

Over my 30 year career, I’ve been lucky to be exposed to great ideas and great minds. We’ve worked with hundreds of advisors and placed many millions of life insurance in force. Many of our brokers/advisors have requested that we consolidate some of the better and more effective ideas we’ve come across –thus the idea for this booklet was born!

If you would like a FREE copy, please email me directly at jdewald@agencyservices.com or call 901-818-4301, and I’ll send it along.

I’m also happy to come and share the stories and ideas in a sales meeting or presentation that you or your team is involved with. I’ll bring copies for everyone and we’ll discuss some of the timeless concepts and ideas I’ve presented in this booklet.

So far, the response to this project has been overwhelming, and I’m happy to pass along many of the best success stories we’ve been involved with over the years.

I hope the booklet can be helpful to you!